Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ibiza Runners?

Ibiza Runners is the fastest delivery and courier service on island. Our mission is to help our customers relax and enjoy their stay in Ibiza and let us worry about the logistics.

How much does Ibiza Runners services costs?

Our prices are presented on home page of web site and are calculated automatically based on distance from our office (divided into 5 zones).

How do I order with Ibiza Runners?

You can call our friendly team for more specialized requests or you can complete the entire order on our new web site.

How long does it take for a delivery?

We aim to have all orders processed and delivered within 45 minutes. This is obviously dependent on your location and the nature of your order.

Where is Ibiza Runners located?

Ibiza Runners are located in center of Ibiza town, close to McDonalds drive through.

Is my order safe with Ibiza Runners?

Our many happy customers are testament to this. More information is also available in our Terms and Conditions section that outlines detailed information on our security and privacy policies.

What payment methods Ibiza Runners support?

Ibiza Runners support all card payments (VISA, Maestro, Master Card, American Express), Pay Pall or cash on delivery.

What kind of restaurants are listed on Ibiza Runners web site?

We are working with finest selection of restaurants on island providing the best food Ibiza has to offer.

What kind of drinks can I order?

Our web site has detailed information of the drinks we offer. If you want something that is not listed, feel free to order it through delivery service.

What time can I order with Ibiza Runners?

Ibiza Runners is open to take orders 24/7 during the season. Please be aware this is affected by the opening hours of the restaurants etc. We do have a stock of alcohol in our office which is available 24/7

What can you deliver?

What can you imagine?

Does Ibiza Runners accept cash?


Do I have to tip?

Whether you tip or not is completely up to you, but of course is always appreciated and encouraged.

Is there a minimum order?

For some of the restaurants there is a minimum order. Find information about specific restaurants in Food section of our web site.

Do you charge for food the same prices as the restaurants?

Yes, we do.

Is there a limit to how many orders I can place?

There is no limit, you can make as many orders as you like. Price is calculated per delivery.

When will I be charged?

If you are paying online, you will be charged when you complete your order on the checkout page. Ibiza Runners offers multiple payment methods. Cash payments will be paid upon delivery as will any grocery shopping undertaken by us on your behalf.